Will lawyer Amit Desai get Aryan Khan bail? Salman Khan was acquitted in ‘Hit and Run’


Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan (Aryan Khan)’s bail plea within the medication case has been postponed until October 13 (Wednesday). senior lawyer Amit Desai (Amit Desai) introduced his aspect through the listening to of Aryan Khan’s bail plea within the Sessions Court on Monday. It is value mentioning that Amit Desai had accused Salman Khan (Salman Khan) within the hit and run case within the yr 2002.Salman Khan) and likewise obtained him acquitted. Now it must be seen whether or not Amit Desai will be capable of get Aryan Khan bail.

In the hit-and-run case, the decrease courtroom had sentenced Salman Khan to 5 years of rigorous imprisonment, difficult which Amit Desai had fought his case to get Salman Khan bail in 2015. Salman Khan was granted bail in May 2015 on an quantity of Rs 30,000. Defending Salman Khan, Amit Desai had mentioned, “The investigating agency was intent on collecting evidence to establish the charges of alcohol and driving. And the testimonies of the witnesses were fabricated to account for the prosecution case.’ On December 10, 2015, Salman Khan was once again acquitted of all charges. This time also Amit Desai was fighting his case.

Aryan Khan Drug Case: Aryan will be in jail for 3 more days, hearing on bail will be held on October 13
In Aryan Khan’s case, lawyer Amit Desai, who was involved in his bail plea, had said, ‘We are in the hands of the court. If you want to see justice, you have to do it. Admitted that nothing was found on Aryan Khan. NCB had moved the bail plea last week. Therefore, the petition can be heard tomorrow. The question of my freedom is at stake. On behalf of NCB, Special Prosecutor Advait Sethna had sought time to respond to all the bail applications. And the verdict was given that Aryan’s bail plea will be heard on October 13.

Shahrukh is feeling broken and helpless from inside, Papa’s sleep for son Aryan, hunger and thirst all disappear
Let us inform that earlier, Senior Advocate Satish Manshinde had defended Aryan Khan’s custody in the court. NCB had sought further custody of Aryan Khan but the court rejected it and sent Aryan Khan to judicial custody for 14 days. Presently he is in Arthur Jail Road, Mumbai. Aryan Khan was arrested on 2 October by the NCB from a cruise ship going from Mumbai to Goa. Along with Aryan Khan, NCB had also arrested 7 other people from whom drugs were recovered.

Salman-Amit Desai-Aryan

Salman-Amit Desai-Aryan



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